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Industrial Safety and Hygiene
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To advise, to systematize and to implement plans and programs for the risks decreasing:
  • Management of Risks
  • Analysis of Risks: Qualitative, by means of the application of such technologies as Hazop, What If, Fault Tree, and others plus Analysis of Quantitative Risks.
  • Engineering of Risks control: Application of the safe design philosophy and the last technologies, practices and criteria for the control of risks as for Engineering control of Risks. Review, Audits and Technical and Management Inspections
  • Management of Reactive and Proactive Indicators.
  • Programs of Management for Contractors Safety
  • Behavior Safety Based Programs
  • Safety in Projects.
  • Programs of Accidents Prevention
  • Dictation and Accomplishment of Training in all the areas and levels.
  • Program of Road Safety: diagnose, Design, Implementation of Safety Programs for the Traffic.
  • Fire Prevention and Control: Evaluations and Audits to Systems against Fire. Engineering and Projects
  • Investigation and Reconstruction of Industrial and Car Accidents
  • Industrial Hygiene: auditive conservation, vision conservation, chemical products, radiological protection, industrial reparation, biological risks, control of psycho-social risks, air quality in buildings, effects for pressures, thermo-environmental conditions.

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